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In the fire service, emergency vehicles, such fire trucks, utility vehicles, and specialty units, are all referred to as “apparatus”. The MWSPFPD operates an array of apparatus out of Station 77 that fall into a few broad categories: 

  • Type 1  fire engines are the apparatus primarily designed for structural firefighting.
  • Type 3 wildland fire engine are one that is specifically designed to assist in fighting wildfires.
  • Type 6 fire engines are smaller body that still allows the department to carry 50 to 400 gallons of water with greater maneuverability and accessibility.
  • Water Tender is designed for transporting water from a water source to a fire scene. Water tenders are capable of drafting water from a stream, lake or hydrant.
May contain: fire truck, truck, vehicle, and transportation
Type 1: Engine 771
May contain: truck, transportation, vehicle, and fire truck
Type 3: Engine 772
May contain: truck, vehicle, transportation, and fire truck
Type 3: Engine 773
1996 International 4 Wheel Drive
500 Gallons Water, 500 GPM Pump
May contain: transportation, vehicle, and truck
Water Tender 777
May contain: transportation, truck, vehicle, tree, plant, fir, and abies
Type 6: Engine 776