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Board Of Directors

The primary responsibility of the Board of Directors is the formulation and evaluation of policy.

The Board is responsible to the electors for all actions taken by the Board and for the total operations conducted within the District to include but not be limited to the following:

  • The establishment, facilities, equipment, maintenance, and operation of the District.
  • The establishment and execution of a yearly budget.
  • The promulgation of ordinances, resolutions, policies, procedures, rules and regulations for the prevention of fires, the protection of life and property from fire, medical emergencies, and disasters within the District and for the operation of the District.
  • The hiring, recruitment and dismissal of employees and volunteers.
  • The discipline of employees and volunteers.

Routine matters concerning the operational aspects of the District are to be delegated to professional staff members of the District. The Fire Chief is delegated the authority and responsibility of developing and implementing all policies, procedures, rules, regulations or guidelines that affect the daily operational effectiveness and emergency response activities, and are not in conflict with the District’s Board or Administrative Manuals.

Officers of the Board

The Board of Directors is made up of five (5) members whose term is four (4) years each with alternating terms. Officers of the Board will serve one (1) year terms and are to be selected among themselves.

Tuolumne County Election Information

Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Protection District Board Members

The Board at the December regular board meeting, or last meeting of each calendar year, shall select among themselves the offices of President, Vice-President and Secretary or Clerk.

Future Board meetings and Past Board meeting minutes:

Meetings and Minutes