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Fire District Boundaries

This District is located in the extreme northeastern portion of Tuolumne County. The District covers approximately 1.2 square miles and includes the towns of Mi-Wuk Village and Sugar Pine.

The District boundaries are Leisure Pines Drive to Sierra Park Road on Highway 108. On Middle Camp Sugar Pine Road, down to Leisure Pines Drive. The “Area of Influence” is the east entrance of Twain Harte to Little Sweden on Highway 108. On Middle Camp Sugar Pine Road west to Twain Harte Valley area. Confidence Road to Mt. Provo Road. Outside the “Area of Influence” East of Little Sweden on Highway 108 and west of the east entrance to Twain Harte, West of Twain Harte Valley on Middle Camp Rd.

Map of fire distric

For an interactive District Map visit

  • Choose the Search Icon from the upper left menu
  • Click on Special District Search
  • Next to Agency Name type Mi-Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Protection District
  • Click on Search
  • Click on the magnify glass on the left
  • You can close the open Report and Search windows to view the District Map