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Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Protection District Property Inspections

The VIPs (Volunteers in Protection) are conducting home inspections. They will be walking through the neighborhoods, identified with yellow vests.  If you see them and want to ask questions, they will be happy to answer any questions you have. Remember, they are out there to help you and point out any potential problems.  They have your best interest in mind in keeping you and the community safe.

May contain: vehicle, truck, and transportation

Cal Fire will not be with them this year, but keep in mind that Cal Fire is available to them for oversight and support.  The inspector’s goals are to get the community in compliance with State PRC (Public Resources Code) 4291.

A short version of PRC 4291 and property inspection sheet is available here.   Before you jump the gun with anything on that inspection sheet please ask for clarification.

Thank you to the community for your support and for the doing your job in keeping our community FIRE SAFE.

For more information around preparing your property see our Resource Link page