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Live Burn Training by MWSPFPD

After months of planning by our MWSPFPD, we were able to host a valuable training burn. Tuolumne County Fire Department (TCFD)  training and safety staff, TCFD Station 79 Columbia College Firefighters, new recruits from the TCFD Volunteer Firefighter Academy, TCFD Fire Explorers and several other TCFD Volunteer Firefighters were able to participate in this exercise with MWSPFPD and learn about fire behavior, hoseline and fire stream applications, building construction, command and control at fire scenes, and many other valuable topics. Thank you to MWSPFPD and TCPD teams participating in this great live learning opportunity. Thank you to the Word Of Life Church for your generous donation of the building. (March 19, 2020)

Cabin on fire
May contain: human, person, fireman, helmet, apparel, clothing, transportation, train, and vehicle
May contain: person, human, fireman, helmet, clothing, and apparel
May contain: person, human, fireman, clothing, helmet, and apparel
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May contain: human, person, housing, and building