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What's with the old cars?

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Just to keep our community updated about our “junk yard” behind the station.
We are sorry it’s taking so long to get these cars removed. We know they are horrible to look at and we have been trying to get them out of here. We had some delays to our initial training, now we are waiting for someone to pick them up. With the value of metal going down, we don’t have a list of people willing to come get them like we used to. But, someone is coming to get them as soon as they are able.
As you know, these play a crucial part in training firefighters for vehicle extrication and other vehicle related rescue operations. Without donated cars to cut up with our tools (Jaws of Life), we could have a difficult time successfully saving you or someone else if we are not staying sufficiently trained.
We do plan to build a nice wood fence around that area so that future training will be out of sight and out of mind.
PLEASE- If you have concerns like our “junk yard” or anything else, please do not yell at our firefighters. Call or stop the station and talk to the Chief.
Hope you all understand the hurtles we are dealing with during these times, and know we are working on getting them off the property. We want to keep our mountains looking nice and understand that driving by a “junk yard” is not the thing anybody wants to see.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support -